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The SYS Foundation was founded by Rachel McKeel, a registered nurse, who was inspired by her own story and journey of becoming a medical professional, which allowed her the opportunity to not only care for others in a compassionate and empathetic manner but created financial stability for her and her children. She started out as a 10th grade high school drop out, a single mother of 4 children in her early 20’s and all she wanted was to give her children a better life than the poverty stricken one she experienced. After receiving her Associates degree in Nursing in 2008, she didn't stop there, she continued her education to next receive a Bachelors, Masters, and now her terminal degree in nursing a Doctorate. While there were many challenges a long the way, the goal and focus never changed. Her dream now is to help others the same! But how is this possible, you ask? Through your hard work, dedication, determination, and help from our organization The SYS Foundation.


Hey SYS,

     "It is a pleasure and absolute honor, to be able to help and inspire other women that may not otherwise have an opportunity to step into their purpose. At the very least, someone needs someone to believe in them, inspire them, and not allow financial barriers to be the reason they cannot achieve their goals and dreams.”

– Rachel McKeel, Founder and President

Email: info@thesysfoundation.org

P.O. Box 1692

Burleson, TX 76097


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